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UNMAS and Palestine Mine Action Center launch MineSafe, a world-first game to educate on risks of explosive ordnance

01 April 2022

Caption: MineSafe interface
Photo: © UNMAS

Ramallah, 31 March 2022 – The United Nations Mine Action Service (UNMAS) and Palestine Mine Action Center (PMAC) have launched an innovative mobile application game to educate global audiences about the risks of explosive ordnance.

Developed by PMAC on behalf of the Palestine Ministry of Interior (MoI), with assistance from UNMAS and generous funding from the New Zealand Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade Aid, MineSafe is a world-first for mine action and risk awareness.

The interactive game aimed at ages 7 and above is fun to play for children, parents, and teachers. Over 20 levels, players must avoid explosive remnants of war to win a level. With each level, a risk awareness message is delivered by local characters, such as a female teacher, father, mother, or shepherd.

Caption: A scene from MineSafe
Photo: © UNMAS

“MineSafe brilliantly combines informative elements that educate users about avoiding potentially dangerous objects and identifying warning signs, with dynamic visuals and fun storylines,” said Bruno Donat, Chief of the UNMAS Geneva Office. Adapted specifically for persons with hearing difficulties, MineSafe players can read scripted messages and feel vibrations to increase their engagement. The game can also be played in Arabic, French, and English.

Created and designed by the Neirlab Studio, a local Palestinian company, MineSafe draws on local expertise. Many Palestinian communities are exposed to the risks of hazardous explosive remnants. In Gaza, there have been two fatalities and 11 injuries from unexploded ordnance since the end of the May 2021 conflict. In the West Bank, Bedouin populations live in or around contaminated areas.

Director of PMAC, Brigadier General Osama Abu Hanana is proud of the joint effort of the PMAC and UNMAS Palestine to develop a game with the support of New Zealand, “ a quick and smart way to teach children to protect themselves from the dangers that surround them.” He expressed his hope that the game will spread awareness among the Palestinian people, especially children, about the dangers of explosive remnants of war.

Minesafe is receiving praise from humanitarians on the ground in Palestine. “Developed out of local necessity, the MineSafe game is a true Palestinian innovation that is now being shared for the benefit of communities worldwide who are threatened by explosive remnants of war,” said Lynn Hastings, Deputy Special Coordinator and Resident and Humanitarian Coordinator for the Occupied Palestinian Territory. “Congratulations to UNMAS and the PMAC on the launch of this potentially life-saving app.”

"This game is such a great example of the innovation that is so typical of my experience of working with Palestinians,” said Bridget Forster, Chief of the UN’s Mine Action Programme for Palestine. “It's great fun and carries a really important message about the risks from explosive hazards that continue to threaten the human security of the Palestinian people.”


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MineSafe is available to download for free at this link.

For further information contact: Ms. Bridget Forster, Chief of Mine Action Programme Palestine, UN Mine Action Service,

Caption: MineSafe characters from different backgrounds help players to navigate the levels of the game
Photo: © UNMAS

UNMAS and Palestine Mine Action Center launch MineSafe, a world-first game to educate on risks of explosive ordnance

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